Lee Dorsey - Yes We Can (1970) Polydor 24-4042

"I love Lee Dorsey. I think his music, his style, with Allen Toussaint as producer, may be some of America's best music. Riverboat, Tears, Tears and More Tears. All that great, great stuff. Those sessions I think are some of the best musical sessions to ever come out of America," - Stephen Bruton, talking to Mike Butler, February, 2006.

This article is a stub, and awaits fuller treatment when Mike gets around to it.


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  1. gravatar clbobman says:

    Please can you tell me if you have any musicians listed on that album?. Is that Zigaboo drumming on Sneakin Sally.. I would love to know... Thanks

  2. gravatar Mike Butler says:

    No musicians are listed on the sleeve, but it has to be The Meters, it can be no other. They were the house band for Toussaint at the time. It's a period when they're really stretching out. A good companion piece is Betty Harris' 'There's a Break in the Road' which must have been recorded at the same time. Surely they'll be corroboration somewhere on the net? Hang on, I'll do a quick search...

    Yes, here it is, and a nice appreciation...


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